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Our mission is to make it easy for a Seller* (transferor) and a Buyer** (transferee) to sell and buy, respectively, their patents and other intellectual property assets.

Established in 2007, PATENTFORSALE PFX (PFX) developed and operates a transactional system that allows both parties to negotiate and maintain communications to conclude intellectual property rights transactions.

Recently, PFX signed a licensing agreement for a sophisticated “Transaction Method and System for Intellectual Property” as well as several trademarks, such as®, and much more.

To assure our customers’ success, we have developed extensive business relationships throughout the world with Sellers and Buyers of patents, international intellectual property agencies, non-profit associations of inventors, and globally renowned patent buyers.

Essentially we respond to our customers’ needs to sell and buy patents quickly: One party wants to benefit from the fruits of its invention and research and development, and the other wants to commercially exploit an extraordinary and exclusive idea.

That’s why our trademarked slogan is: Make money with your ideas®!

Our offer

We offer a 0% commission package.

Our purpose is to connect the buyer and seller confidentially without their paying a penny in commission!

Soon we will make available a Sellers package that will allow sellers to monitor the collections and payments of their royalties online.

In addition we also be launching a Buyers package that will allow quick access to patents categories that match their interests, including a report on the commercial potential and value of each patent.

We will keep you posted and send you more information if you register as a seller or buyer.

To register, just click on the following link and identify yourself as Seller or Buyer.

Want to sell your patent?


Want to buy a patent?


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